Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trevor has married the love of his life Sara.
It was a beautiful wedding and I was glad to attend it.
Congrats you two.
My Dad was able to marry them .
Saige and Courtney with there cousin Megan(Tauna's youngest daughter)

Our family photo at Trevors wedding

She is already a pro at blowing bubbles!

Bailey had her 2month appt. today 10lbs 1oz.

She is smiling when talked to and starting to make sounds.

She sleeps through the night.

Has been my best baby yet.

Sean decide he needed to take a bath with Saige he was missing out on to much fun.

Monday, August 30, 2010


AUG 17




Friday, June 18, 2010

Its Been A Long Time!

JB and the girls went fishing while I stayed on the road with Sean and the dog. Courtney and Saige with the fish they caught.

For anyone that doesn't know yet I am expecting another little girl on Aug.13 surprise!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taylorsville days fireworks.
We have been having lots of fun lately. I love it when our family has time to get together and do exciting things. We went to Boulder.
Had a family reunion that the theme was fear factor. Dad, Trent, Ryan and Emily all ate a cricket.

Riding the rides

Sean and Hugh. I promise I did not put them this way.

Dad taking care of the girls.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Blooms Family picture
I have some bushes that bloom for a short time and only about 5 days of that it looks good enough to take a pictures. So here it is. I love this bush I will never get rid of it.

Sean 6months old
Saige almost 4yrs. The beautiful trouble maker

Courtney 5 1/2 yrs. She has her firs loose tooth.

Here is our newest addition.
We addopted him on May 2nd.
He was 8 weeks old when we got him and he has already grown up so much since then.
All the family loves him. Saige is the one that bothers him the most. I feel like I am always saying things like "don't pick him up", and "get off of him", " leave the poor dog alone".
Courtney is more mature so she is not so bad. She handles him really well. She is very assertive with him so he doesn't bite her as much as he does with Saige.
Sean likes to touch him but doesn't want Hughs wet nose to touch him.
JB treats him like he is his baby. Maybe more than his children because Hugh really doesn't need me for anything. JB could take care of him is self.
We love Hugh and are glad to add him to our home.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Boulder April 2009

Sorry it has been so long we have had a lot of problems with our computer. Hopefully those problems are now over
Today I tried to feed Sean carrots he did not like them. He kept on getting the sour face that we could never get on camera. I guess I will try again tomarrow and have rice cereal with a little bit of carrot in it.
This is were Sean spends a lot of his time. The doctor said give him more belly time because his head is starting to flaten a little. His belly time lasts about 2 minutes and then he is crying. So after belly time it is into the saucer. He really loves it but the only problem now is when I try to get him to sit up he pushes his legs stiff like he wants to stand and he goes straight back.

Another picture of Sean at 4 months.

My Dad rocking Sean to sleep in my Dads new favorite chair. Dad is now back to his old schedule and I love it. I can go to my parents house and see at least someone from my family. And from his favorite chair you can see his new hobby his fish tank. I need to take a picture of it. It is pretty impressive.

Seans first time in Boulder.
I love this picture of JB and Sean. It shows how much JB loves his son.
And in the look in JBs eyes reminds me that he loves me.
And the bib is a reminder that Sean has no choice but to love his Mommy.

Back in Boulder April 11th.
It was so cold that the girls had to wear there snow pants.

Courtney doing her modeling pose.
Saige with her big beautiful grin on the back.
They are all ready for there 4 wheeler ride where is there Dad.

This is Seans 4month old picture.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Dad is Finally home

My mom was so cute this picture was taken before my Dad got off the plane.
It was a very could day in February. It was snowing the wind was blowing pretty good. All of us were so ready for Dad to be home. Almost all of the kids were there.
Saige and her cousin Katlyn.

Courtney spent most of her time in the stroller. I think it was just a little to early for her to be out of bed.

Dad gave all the grandkids a hug.

Trevor and JB.

Emily , Camille and Olivia dancing to the music.

Dad and Mom.
My Mom was so cute to watch before my Dad got off the plane. She was trying to over analize what she was going to do when she saw my Dad. Maybe that spot would be best or maybe up there, I think I will grab him and pull him under the tape up there.
It is so nice to know after all these years that she loves him that much.
Thanks for being such a great example.

I feed Sean his cereal for the fist timeon the 25th of February. He would shove his fists into his mouth even after I had fed him on both sides so I decided it was time. He is doing really well with it. He is also starting to do baby talk. I love it.


Sean recieved his first haircut at three months old.


Isn't that the cutest smile that you have ever seen.

Sean was blessed on 1st of February. Courtney and Saige were both sick so they only came to sacrament then went home with Grandma Cleta. So me and JB spent some quiet time with Sean after church before we picked up the girls. I am so greatful to have a husband that holds the priesthood.